Strategic goals of the Company:

• obtaining the remaining 6 out of 7 production licenses for new fields, with approved reserves of 17 tons

• building up a high-quality mineral resource base using modern techniques and technologies

• preparation of deposits for industrial development, construction of a gold processing plant

• start of mining

• attracting partners

Tools for achieving goals:

License for the mining of gold ore at the Atygai deposit (Northern area) for 25 years No. 29-ML dated September 02, 2021. The license area is 2.8 km2.

Gold exploration contract # 2639 (geological allotment 115.93 km2) with proven gold deposits and many ore occurrences at an advanced stage of exploration.

Approved reserves in categories C1 + C2 are 36 tons and inferred resources of category P1 are more than 43 tons.

Availability of our own geological service.

Application of modern techniques and methods when performing geological exploration, including JORC.

Project advantages:

A portfolio of assets at different stages of development, concentrated in one territory.

The gold deposit and ore occurrences are located compactly, from 0.5-1.0 to 5-11 km. apart.

Total resources / reserves over 100 tons with the prospect of increment along the flanks and depth.

Approved reserves at the Atygay field, in categories C1+C2.

Advanced stage of exploration in the appraisal areas.

Simple ore processing technology. Poor sulphide ores. A useful component is only gold, which is in a free state.

There are no settlements in the area of the deposits.

There are no specially protected natural and cultural sites, as well as other environmental restrictions on the activities of the mining industry.

The area of work is connected by a year-round highway with the Regional center of Zhitikara with an abundance of skilled labor with experience in the mining industry.

Railroad station is 80 km from the project.


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