Geological exploration at the Atygai deposit (Northern area) identified and delineated two ore bodies (Southern and Northern) with high gold grades of 2.0 and 3.5 g / t, respectively (Scheme No. 1).


Scheme No. 1. South and North ore bodies and lived along the Sukhodolsky site. Quartz vein with high gold content.



In addition, the South and the North ore bodies are connected by a quartz vein with high gold contents, which can be traced in almost all trenches (about 500 m along the strike). The thickness of the vein is from 1 to 6 meters in blows, the average thickness is 1.58 m. The gold content varies from 1.16 to 47.0 g / t, the average is 4.61 g / t. Vein results are summarized in the table below.


Table No. 1. Quartz vein parameters according to Sukhodolsky.



Comparing the obtained result in 2021 with the balance sheet in this area, gold reserves are doubled (Scheme No. 2).


Scheme No. 2, plan. Southern ore body revealed by surface mine workings.



During the exploration in 2015-2018, the ditches were passed through 100 m, according to the GKZ method, to calculate and approve reserves. And rich areas with such an exploration network could not be found (Scheme No. 3).


Scheme No. 3, section. High gold content lens.



With the help of surface workings, we expect the detection of another 1-2 lenses with high contents. But for the most part Sukhodolsky is covered with clay deposits. To assess the number and parameters of such ore bodies at a depth, it is planned to carry out drilling operations along a dense network of 20-10 meters between profiles and 10-5 meters between wells.


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